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Potsdam, 16.10.2018 – Today's logistics chains are more complex and interconnected than ever before, which is why unexpected external disruptions such as construction sites, traffic jams or bad weather conditions pose a major financial threat to logistics companies. The Potsdam-based start-up Synfioo offers a holistic solution for monitoring transport processes with the purpose of eliminating uncertainty about arrival times for all transport participants, save costs and improve transport efficiency. In addition to ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) prediction in real time, the Synfioo solution offers shipment tracking and recommended actions to optimally prepare for dynamic events. At the 35th German Logistics Congress, which takes place in Berlin from 17 - 19 October, Synfioo will present its real-time platform for more supply chain visibility at stand BP/02.

Real-time transport information plays an increasingly important role for the efficiency of transport processes. "But our platform offers more than ETA predictions, we also enable connectivity and communication between all participants in the supply chain" says Marian Pufahl, CEO of Synfioo. To grant all users an individual access tailored to their needs, it is possible to integrate the Synfioo services either into their own Transport Management System (TMS), access them via their own browser or download the mobile app Synfioo GPS to their smartphone.

Synfioo Supply Chain Monitoring

The integration into an existing TMS is done through an API that acts as an interface between the user's TMS and the Synfioo Cloud. A connection to the SAP Transportation Management System has been in place since August 2018. The ETA Monitor, which is integrated in the standard version of SAP TM, arranges transports according to urgency in a traffic light color system in which all transports with critical delays are highlighted in red so that fast proactive action is possible. Synfioo has also been the first partner to be integrated into the RIO platform, the digital brand of the TRATON GROUP.

Keeping an eye on your entire supply chain – from everywhere

Even without TMS, users can benefit from a modern tour management application via their own browser - the Synfioo OnTime Navigator allows the retrieval of ETA predictions, disruption alerts and movement data from any computer and offers a detailed map view. Especially small and medium-sized logistics companies without their own IT infrastructure can make use of this service to increase efficiency by having access to all relevant information.

The mobile app Synfioo GPS, which drivers can install on their smartphone, is suitable as a supplement to TMS integration or web-based tour management. Current position data is captured through Synfioo GPS and can be tracked in real time via the OnTime Navigator, including disruption alerts and arrival time predictions. "Our users thus benefit from an even more precise ETA prediction and an improved view of their own transports," adds Marian Pufahl.

Not only does Synfioo consider different participants and demands, it also provides a holistic approach to global monitoring of the entire transport chain across all modes - road, rail, water and air.

"We offer a very comprehensive solution that takes 'the big picture' into account, a solution that is highly differentiated but still goes into detail and can be individually adapted," is how Marian Pufahl describes the concept for the Synfioo Services, which are intended to create added value for industry, logistics and warehousing.

At the 35th German Logistics Congress, which will take place in Berlin from 17 - 19 October 2018 under the slogan "Digital meets real", visitors can learn more about the company’s unique solutions and meet the Synfioo team at stand BP/02.


About Synfioo:

Synfioo was founded in 2015 following a logistics research project lasting several years at the Hasso Plattner Institute of the University of Potsdam. The Potsdam-based company's software enables end-to-end intermodal monitoring and disruption notification for each individual transport in real time, as well as the resulting reliable prediction of arrival times (ETA). Further information: www.synfioo.com


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Press contact: Marian Pufahl, Co-Founder and CEO Synfioo GmbH, marian.pufahl@synfioo.com, +49 331 600 750 25

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