Synfioo targets the complete transportation chain

Synfioo notifies about delays in production, transport and shipping

Without Synfioo

  • Higher costs for all transportation participants
  • Higher expenditure of time for finding alternatives to match deadlines
  • Missing or late information provisioning
  • Difficult synchronization of changing transportation chains

With Synfioo

  • Early visualization of effects and their impact
  • Only relevant information is shown to avoid information overload
  • Pro-actively react on identified effects to optimize
    planning of transports
  • Increase assets utilization by reducing waiting times and empty mileage

Synfioo's Services

Synfioo's services

Information Catalyzer Service

The information catalyzer service collects and harmonizes event information, aggregates it to new information and finally correlates the information to matching transportations. Additionally, this service allows sending of notifications on events to the user of the service.

Impact Discovery Service

The impact discovery service determines the impact of effects on the transportation chain.

Event Prediction Service

The event prediction service utilizes historical data and matches it with current data to predict the occurrence of events that affect currently running transportation chains.

Get Synfioo's Services Running

Installation Process

The installation process requires a full-day workshop to identify the information demanded for services application.
The process comprises the following four steps from which steps one to three are taken in the full-day workshop.

  • Event Sources Determination

    All relevant event sources, i.e. information sources, need to be identified. An event source is relevant, if it adds insights to transportation planning and monitoring.

  • Event Rules Specification

    A base set of event correlations and observation patterns is specified. These patterns determine which information gets forwarded to a single user. Later, during service utilization, each user may choose required patterns and may also add new ones using the provided user-friendly interface.

  • IT Landscape Analysis

    The existing IT landscape is analysed and a plan created to integrate the event information in the currently existing IT systems.

  • System Integration

    Synfioo takes care of the IT integration and provides an out-of-the-box solution for the customer.