Synfioo aims at supporting transportation planners in their daily operations and at providing reasoning on transportation delays. Thus, Synfioo is easing the life of logistics service providers in general and transportation planners as well as managers specifically.

Example walktrough

Assume, a transportation planner is responsible for a transportation of flowers from the Netherlands to Italy. Flowers fade very quickly. Thus, they must be delivered timely to the destination. Nevertheless, costs must remain low to ensure competitiveness. Following, this transportation is planned tightly with risks regarding time and costs. Transportation planners, who are partly responsible for more than 100 transportations in parallel, are hardly able to master efficiently the full complexity of these different transportation chains. This especially holds true since the planners receive knowledge on events influencing the transportations too late and have to gather this information laboriously. These events are often disruptions (e.g. bad weather conditions like icy roads, fog and closed mountain pass, congestion, road blocks, strikes, waiting times at trans-shipment centers and many more) and deviations from the transportation plan resulting in time-consuming re-planning to reduce the effect on the transportation. A transportation planner uses an extensive share of her daily working time for these tasks.

With Synfioo

Here, Synfioo steps in. Synfioo determines from all available data for each single transportation exactly the relevant events – in real-time – and provides them as notifications to the transportation planners in their familiar working environment. Most importantly, Synfioo considers complete transportation chains, e.g. from Amsterdam to Rome, independently from the transportation means and trans-shipment centers involved in a transportation. This information is integrated into existing IT-systems, e.g. transport management systems. Therewith, Synfioo eases transportation planning through information provision and allows transportation planners to concentrate on their core tasks instead of gathering required information.

Cutting-edge Technology

Synfioo combines cutting-edge technologies for providing an innovative solution for transportation monitoring and controlling.

Triangle shows functional symbiosis

Inter-modal Transportation

Synfioo focuses on the complete transportation chain independently from intermediate hubs and trans-shipments.

Different means of transport working together


The determined information is displayed in the already used transport management systems allowing the planner to operate in her familiar working environment.


Synfioo's services are built modularly. Each organization can individually decide which services are to be used for transportation monitoring.


Each user can individually configure the notification retrieval. Thus, she can individually decide which information is visualized under which conditions.