Synfioo aims to support transportation planners in their daily operations and to help all stakeholders in better managing delivery time windows. ETA is one of the key factors to achieving supply chain excellency.

A typical Situation

Consider a transportation planner that is responsible for shipping time-sensitive goods throughout Europe. The transports are being executed with different carriers and sub-carriers, but information does not flow automatically. He attempts to manage over 100 transports on a daily basis. To try to work proactively, he manually confirms departure and arrival information at different waypoints of the route with carriers and subcarriers. And, he tries to anticipate traffic delays by proactively scanning different information sources. His transports are subject to potential delays caused by weather, traffic, strikes, events, disruptions at transshipment terminals, at customs, at borders, etc. So when things do not go as planned, the planner qzickly has to develop routing alternatives and communicate with all parties.

With Synfioo

Synfioo taps into an extensive list of external and internal data sources to assess if certain events can cause delays for each individual transport. Synfioo can also connect to all carriers and subcarriers and receive departure, GPS and drive time information automatically. Synfioo then predicts the ETA for all transports, alerts all relevant parties if there are disruptions to the plan and provides routing alternatives that can be acted upon immediately. Since Synfioo is a pure backend service, the information provided is integrated into existing IT-systems, e.g., the transport manager sees the information in the environment he is familiar with. In essence, Synfioo facilitates transportation planning by providing relevant information to better manage the delivery time window. That allows transportation planners to concentrate on their core tasks and to increase their productivity.